Who we are

Small enough to care, big enough to cope.

We describe Rekrow Consulting as “Small enough to care, big enough to cope” and we keep our client rates low whilst ensuring all our candidates are fairly paid.

We don’t have the huge overheads of national recruitment agencies and use our local knowledge and experience to create bespoke solutions that really work.


Long-term relationships start with good communication

People Cohesion

We get to know people so we can best place them

Our Strategy

We focus on client satisfaction


We aim to be affordable so that businesses can grow


How We Started Rekrow


Company start up

In 2016 the MD of the company decided to start up an agency of their own, Having been in the recruitment industry for a number of years they felt they were able to do thing's differently... Firstly we had to pick a name .... this took alot longer then expected but again we wanted to be different... Memorable and that's when REKROW came to mind.. which is worker backwards.. Without the worker there is no work! Next step was to approach clients and find out what they would want from their agency.. What the perfect relationship would look like to them.. Where improvements can be made and from there we began building relationships based on the clients expectations and working together to achieve the desired results. We soon had to grow our team to help support our clients with the recruitment process and ensure the goals were met and the client continued receiving the same level of service, We hired Joanna who is still with us today and now a partner in the business, She shared the same outlook as the Director and wanted to offer a more human recruitment process having worked within the industry for a number of years also she had seen what was missing but never had the chance to change it untill now. The proof was in the pudding as they say as we are proud to say that a number of these clients are still with us today !

2017/ 2018
2017/ 2018

Growing Company

We soon noticed that our clients were recommending clients and our candidates the same! We were so lucky to have such amazing support from those who we had assisted in the recruitment process that now our business was growing quite rapidly just through the word of mouth. We realised what were doing was working and we could only improve from here.. We moved offices to Bognor Regis where there was easy transport links and an office front so they could find us easier. It was a warm welcome to the town and the candidates soon began pouring in with good and bad stories of their experiences with local companies, Agencies, Employers and we were soon able to establish ourselves within the area as a friendly agency who is actually there to help. We at this point we had gained some amazing candidates and clients and could happily and confidently place these candidates into work without worrying.


Unexpected times

Well what a year so far ! 2019 had been our best year to date and 2020 was set to also be an amazing year untill.. Of course Covid 19 hit the world with such a force none of us expected. This had a devastating impact on some of our clients which unfortunately meant a number of them had to put their business on hold or even worse cease trading, These wonderful companies we had the pleasure to work with for all this time we had to watch close their doors! We maintained our communications throughout and reassured all these companies we would do what ever we could to help them rebuild their businesses/ Lives when we were able to do so! A small number of key workers were able to continue working throughout and we cannot thank the workers enough for the work they done during such a scary and uncertain time, those that we could we kept on Furlough as long as we were able to do so.. Again keeping an open communication with them.Its now September and for the past couple of months we have slowly started to help some of our clients in rebuilding their workforce and helping candidates find work again! Rekrow luckily has held on during this pandemic and hopefully will also continue to build back up over the next few months !

Our History