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Here at Rekrow Consulting we have built up excellent working relationships with both our candidates and our clients enabling us to continually assist in the growth and success of the people we work with, We treat each and every client and candidate as if it is our only fully focusing on giving 100% at all times.


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The Rekrow Team

From all walks of life... our team are not Pencil pushers who sit behind a desk but people who have worked to where they are now working on production lines, Engineering, Hospitality and call centres they have experienced what it is like to start at the bottom and encourage people to try new things and what could happen if they work hard, We understand that people are not numbers and we work with their goals and requirements.

We don't stop there, our specialist team is able to deliver those candidates harder to find... Directors, HR management, Management Teams and those a little harder to find, we are able to access these types of personnel through our own network of candidates and headhunting list not available to other agencies.

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